Two Teens Killed In Mass Shooting At Party In Upstate New York

Shooting At Party In Rochester, New York Leaves Two Dead

Shooting At Party In Rochester, New York Leaves Two Dead

A mass shooting at a house party in Rochester, New York, left two teens dead and 14 people injured. Officials believe an altercation occurred in the front yard which led to three or four people exchanging gunfire. The shooting lasted about a minute as the gunmen fired at least 40 shots. Investigators said they found shell-casings scattered over a three-block radius.

"This tragic act of violence has impacted many people's lives and families," Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren said in a statement. "I'm begging everyone to remain calm and exercise deep restraint as RPD investigates what happened here and seeks those responsible."

Officials identified the victims as Jarvis Alexander and Jaquayla Young, both 19.

"Jaquayla and Jarvis were likely not the intended targets," Rochester Police Captain Frank Umbrino said. "We have two innocent victims here who were attending a party with a few friends."

The injured individuals ranged in age between 17 and 23 and were all transported to local hospitals. Their conditions and names were not released, but officials said none of their injuries were life-threatening.

Investigators are interviewing witnesses and reviewing surveillance video footage to try to identify the suspects. They said the house party started as a small gathering, but it quickly ballooned with over 200 people showing up.

"It's going to be a very tedious and long process," Umbrino said. "We need people to come forward and give us what we need to hold those responsible."

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