This Adorable Twitter Love Story Is One For The Ages

When couples meet on or Tinder, they get to exchange messages in private, but if they meet over Twitter, the whole world can watch as they try to win each other over. 

That's just what happened with Torey Stachowicz and Ben Axelrod, and now the world is rejoicing over some very happy news.  

It all started in late 2014 when Torey, a personal trainer, announced on Twitter that she wanted to go out with Ben, a digital producer. 

Ben seemed open to it and just like that, the ice was broken. 

Based on their initial exchange, they seemed to have the same humor and perhaps even the same tastes in food so it should come as no surprise that now, just over three years later, Ben asked Torey to be his wife. 

And of course, he proposed on Twitter.  

Here's hoping they live-tweet the wedding!

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