May the FOURTH be with you!

As a life long Star Wars fan, I've gotta love today, MAY THE FOURTH, the unofficial Star Wars holiday!

Yeah, it's a little cheesy, and as a guy with a bit of a lisp, it's maybe a little offensive!

But in this crazy world of uncertainty and stress, we need an escape sometimes...whether that's books, movies, sports, or SCI-FI.

When George Lucas first released STAR WARS in 1977, I'm guessing even he didn't foresee the monumental impact on the world it would have, plus what, like 10 movies and countless spins offs.

So, enjoy your Wednesday, and of course, May The Fourth Be With You!

One thing I love even more than Star Wars....bloopers! So, here is my combined loves...Star Wars bloopers!

Photo: Getty

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