Michael Jackson Songs Up For Auction

Previously Unreleased Michael Jackson Songs Up For Auction              

Michael Jackson fans with some extra money to spare may want to pay attention to an upcoming auction. The auction house Gotta Have Rock and Roll is having a special pop culture auction from July 19th to 28th which will feature a CD of what is described as Jackson’s final album, featuring 12 songs, three of which were released with different mixes, and nine previously unreleased tunes.

The CD features the word “Bible” written on it, with the three previously released songs listed as “Monster,” “Breaking News,” and “Stay.” Titles of the never-before-released songs include: “Keep Your Head Up,” “Everything’s Just Fine,” “Black Widow,” “Burn Tonight,” “All I Need,” “Water,” “Let Me Fall in Love,” “Ready to Win,” and “Soldier Boy.” 

As you can imagine, an item like this isn’t going to come cheap. The minimum bid is listed at $50,000. And even if someone does shell out enough money to buy it they won’t be able to make any money off of it. The owner won't own the copyrights to the songs, which means they can’t distribute any of the tunes.


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