Stevie Nicks Wonders If Prince Took His Own Life


Stevie Nicks has expressed her fear that her good friend Prince may have taken his own life. While Prince’s death last year has been ruled an accidental overdose, Stevie wonders if maybe it wasn’t exactly an accident. 

“I don’t know in my heart of hearts whether he just took too much or did he purposefully take too much? Did he accidentally take too much?,” the Fleetwood Mac singer said, according to “The Mirror.”

“When you get to be our age – and he was younger than me – and you’re like, ‘I’m not making hit records any more… I’m not able to really tour any more because of my health…You’re not married, you don’t have children… you don’t hang out with a bunch of people because you’re really an isolationist.”

She believes Prince’s addiction was devastating to him, especially since he relied on the drugs because of all the pain he was in. She offers, “I think when you’re in that much pain, and you’re somebody who has made it your life’s work to preach about the downfall of people that do drugs that had to be [a burden]. I think that broke his heart.”


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