Are The Members Of Journey Feuding?

Are The Members Of Journey Feuding?              

The guys in Journey are apparently at war and it’s all playing out on social media. It seems co-founder Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain aren’t getting along at the moment, with Schon airing his grievances against his bandmate for all the world to read. 

“Jon Cain is trying in press to removing my name from songs I wrote,” he posted on Facebook, although he later removed it. “Well I am removing him from my life. No dark funk energy and using Journey to sell his personal gain and take from poor People.”

Earlier in the week Schon also posted a message, allegedly for Cain, writing, “Bringing it every night I want to be elevated by whom I play with not feel like I’ve got cement shoes. If anyone is unhappy they are Not running My band then They should Leave,” he wrote. “God has bigger plans.” He also suggested renaming the band, adding, “Neal Schon’s JRNY on an exciting new trip musically.”

But in a new post, Schon insisted he isn’t trying to break up the band, explaining, “Journey will always be! Just cleaning up someone's funk!”


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