Elton John Blasts MTV Generation Of Artists

Elton John Blasts MTV Generation Of Artists              

Elton John doesn’t think too highly of artists who made it big thanks to MTV, and believes the cable channel was responsible for promoting artists who didn’t deserve the recognition. 

“We were before the MTV generation and I’m glad we were because we were real artists,” he said at the Cannes Film Festival regarding he and partner Bernie Taupin. “The MTV generation brought along a lot of people who were great but a lot of people who just made videos. So a lot of the artistry went out of the music.”

The music legend was at Cannes to do a "q & a" with Spike Lee before the winners of a music video competition were announced. The winners included an Iranian refugee named Majid Adin, who made an animated version of “Rocket Man,” Max Weiland, who created a live action video for “Tiny Dancer,” and Jack Whiteley and Laura Brownhill, who produced a dance video for “Bennie and the Jets.”


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