Mr. Big Releasing New Album

Mr. Big Releasing New Album              

Mr. Big is set to release a new album this summer. “Defying Gravity,” the band’s ninth album, will be released July 7th. 

Mr. Big, best known for their 1995 number one hit “To Be With You,” still consists of their original lineup, Eric Martin, Billy Sheehan, Pat Torpey and Paul Gilbert, with Matt Starr taking over for Torpey, who has Parkinson’s, on drums.

Check out the track list for “Defying Gravity” below:

"Open Your Eyes"

"Defying Gravity"

"Everybody Needs a Little Trouble"

"Damn I'm In Love Again"

"Mean To Me"

"Nothing Bad (About Feeling Good)"

"Forever And Back"

"She's All Coming Back To Me Now"

"1992""Nothing At All""Be Kind"


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