Cleveland Indians Will Lick Foul Pole For A Million Retweets

In a move probably inspired by a desire to take our mind of the more negative elements of the Arctic Freeze, The Cleveland Indians presented what looks on the surface to be a very irresponsible social media challenge in reverse.

In a tweet, the Tribe offered to lick the foul pole if the get a million retweets.

And of course the Cleveland Cavaliers immediately jumped on the obvious scene from A Christmas Story.

Then the Cleveland Browns jumped in, all confident that it'll happen...

The Philadelphia Phillies are trying to use their mascot's experience with this as a cautionary tale.

And McNeil has more team-central concerns.

Of course the Indians tweet didn't say WHICH foul pole they'll lick and when. Remember... equipment trucks are leaving for their much warmer spring training facility in Goodyear, Arizona Thursday, and the players are not far behind... just sayin'.