This Is What Alvin And The Chipmunks Sounds Like As Adult Men

When you think of The Chipmunks, you think of the high-pitched voices that have made them so popular since their debut in 1958. Without those cute helium-filled voices, "Alvin," "Simon" and "Theodore" are just everyday garden critters, but when their voices are pitch-corrected into what normal adult males sound like, things get downright disturbing.

Thanks to the hard work of one YouTuber, we can now hear exactly what that sounds like. "NerdRush" spent who-knows-how-long taking the 73-minute-long 1987 film The Chipmunk Adventure and changing "Alvin" and his brothers' voices so they sound like men.

They captioned the video, "I can't believe I did this."

Comments have been turned off for the video so you can't see the reactions of other viewers, but you can imagine how troubled many of them likely were by the footage. What makes the voices all the more unsettling is their similarity to the chipmunks' human adoptive father, "Dave." Perhaps it's because "Dave Seville" raised "Alvin," Simon" and "Theodore," but it still seems strange that their voices would be so close to his.

No word yet on if "NerdRush" plans to pitch-correct other Chipmunk films or songs. Here's hoping he doesn't since one is definitely more than enough.

Photo: Getty Images