BOTHERED ON VACATION: Skeery bothered Greg T on vacation with dumb work issues. Greg T wants to know how did your boss ruin your vacation?

THE HAIR DRYER: Greg T’s wife blew the socket off the wall because she blows her hair dry for 2 hours everyday. Now he has over $1000 in damage! What damage did your hair dryer cause?

PARENTS ACTING WORST THAN CHILDREN: Greg T was recently at a kids theme park when a parent yelled, “If any of you M****** F****** cut me in line I will beat you down in front of your children.” Where were you when an adult acted worse than a child?

TALKING BEHIND MY BACK: Greg T met a listener who had really nice things to say about him, but that made him wonder…. What are the mean people saying behind his back? Say it to his face! 

EATING SUSHI: When Greg T eats sushi has a hard time going #2. What side effects do you get from eating sushi?