Vacation is about relaxing and enjoying your time…you shouldn't waste it on doing your hair and makeup! Going au natural on vacation is the best way to detox your hair and skin by giving them a vacation from the products you use everyday. This is a challenge, but I dare you to do it! (Disclaimer: not recommended if you're doing a Vegas trip where you need to Glam it up every night!)

Don't pack the hair dryer! If you really need it there will most likely be one in a hotel, but if you don't pack it you won't be able to use it! 

Here's why: I don't care how great your hair dryer is- drying your hair constantly ruins it. Think about your favorite t-shirt that has been in the dryer hundreds of times, I bet it doesn't look so fresh anymore. Treat your hair with a hair dryer like you treat those expensive shirts that never see the dryer. Give your hair a vacation from the hair dryer. I can guarantee you it will not only feel stronger when you return, but will actually grow faster than normal during vacation.

Shampoo and conditioner who? This is the hardest one to follow. Pack mini travel containers as a fail safe just in case.

Here's why: There are so many beauty articles and studies that show not using shampoo and conditioner is better for you! I tried this while on vacation and loved it! I skipped washing my hair whenever I could, and then when I needed to I just rinsed my hair and let it air dry. It was the most natural my hair has ever been and I loved it! Throw it in a braid or bun if you don't want to let it flow. If it's too knotty or messy when you rinse, run a tiny bit of conditioner through and it will help. Tip: use a comb in the shower to get knots out of your wet hair!

Lighten up your makeup case. I pack a watered-down version of my makeup regimen into a smaller case.

Here's why: Let your skin breathe! I do not wear makeup at all on vacation unless it's a special event. I try to only do some bronzer and mascara when I need to. This lets your skin breathe (especially if you're getting a lot of sun). Stick to your moisturizer or tinted moisturizer! I know it sounds crazy but just think- you will most likely never see any of the strangers again and you're most likely close enough with whomever you are on vacation with that they know the real you! Plus you will save time getting ready and use it to explore and have fun!

No Nail Polish: If you just gasped at that statement. Get over it. Save the cash for the pre-vacation mani and buy yourself a few extra drinks.

Here's why: Think about it, you are putting PAINT on your nails. Yes, for the most part, it's harmless. But when you think about how often you use polish remover, nail polish, all of the filing, and other products…your nails take a beating! Going bare has made mine stronger and I do it on every vacation. If you don't want to go completely naked take this time to use a product that makes them stronger, my favorite is NailTek.

If you can follow these tips on vacation, you can do it in your daily life. Maybe not everyday, but it's totally worth giving at least one of them a shot every few days. When ditching all of them for a week I save about 5-7 hours! Do you know how many other better things you could be doing? Just try it!